“It’s a big, small world”

The world is a big place, but the distances between us are getting smaller all the time. People have always travelled, by air, by sea, by road, for “trade and knowledge” as the Ancient Greeks said, but now, like never before, we are increasingly seeking to become part of every cultural, artistic and political moment.

The internet and on-line services are now available to everyone, everywhere, and they help people to organise themselves and plan their trips abroad to explore other cultures.

Most travel arrangements and hotel bookings are now made online.

Your business website will give you a great competitive advantage if it is translated in a way which gives potential customers an accurate and clear picture of the facilities you offer, and is also descriptive and technically easy to use. It is extremely important to make sure that all your potential customers can understand your website! If the content of your website is easy for potential customers to understand and gives an accurate picture of the services you can offer them, it will be the perfect way to attract visitors to your business.

Language conveys information and values, and this makes it your business’s most important way of approaching potential guests. It plays a direct role in ensuring successful communication between those offering services and those accepting the services offered. It is also vital in ensuring that both parties “get to know each other”.

Words are extremely powerful when they are delivered directly and enthusiastically. It is essential and good for business to build a website which operates as a multi-lingual “information hub”.

“Speak with the tongues of men…”

The direct and immediate communication and emotional bond you can achieve by using your customers’ mother tongues will play a central role in attracting them to your business.

This will give your business the best possible opportunity to attract visitors throughout the year.

It allows you to create international contacts, to target more markets and to ensure you have the necessary infrastructure for customer care. This makes it easy for potential customers to communicate with you, in their mother tongue if possible.

And of course, this can be the deciding factor in who they choose to contact. It would be unusual to prefer a solution which puts up barriers to communication. Your website is a common space, where you can meet your potential customers.

“MULTITRANSLATION” has many years of experience in the translation sector. We translate to and from more than 80 languages, and we will give you the opportunity and ability to ensure that your business can successfully target more countries – with excellent results.

We will translate your site quickly, accurately and affordably, and give your business an international presence.

Contact us for immediate and free information and estimates. We will be delighted to be in contact with you and to offer you our services.